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"Our Laboratory/Analytical Process offerings are designed to equip laboratories with the most advanced and reliable instruments and materials for a variety of research and quality control needs. From General Laboratory Items, Glassware, and Plasticware to complete Turnkey Laboratory solutions, our products support the crucial aspects of scientific investigation and analysis.

We provide Analytical Balances & Industrial Balances for precise measurements, alongside instruments for Density & Concentration measurement, Viscosity, Rheometers, and Microwave sample preparation, facilitating a range of analysis requirements. Our temperature control units, including Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Thermo regulators, and Temperature Calibration Baths, are essential for molecular biology and other temperature-sensitive processes.

For analytical testing, we offer Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers in ppb range, Oxygen Analyzers, and devices for pH, Turbidity, TDS/Salinity, and Conductivity measurement. Our portfolio also includes specialized instruments for the Quality control of Oil, Mud & Cement, Water, Gas, and Food Laboratories, ensuring comprehensive coverage of various industry needs.

Particle Size Analyzers for both dry and wet analysis, Laboratory Gas Generators for Air, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and other gases, along with Photometers, Spectrophotometers, BOD, COD, Incubators, and Lab refrigerators, complete our range of analytical equipment.

Additionally, we prioritize safety and efficiency in the laboratory environment with Safety Emergency Showers, Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Air Pollution Extractors, and Laboratory Safety Spillage Items. Our Chromatography Products and Laboratory Information Systems Software (LIMS) further enhance research capabilities and data management.

Every product in our Laboratory/Analytical Process line is supported by sufficient accreditation, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality and safety, tailored for a wide range of industrial and research applications."

  • General Laboratory Items, Glassware and  Plasticware. 

  • Turnkey Laboratories 

  • Analytical Balances & Industrial Balances 

  • Density & Concentration measurement, Viscosity,  Rheometers, Microwave sample preparation. 

  • Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Thermo regulators,  Temp. Calibration Baths, Molecular Biology. 

  • Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers in ppb range, Oxygen  Analyzers, pH, Turbidity, TDS/Salinity, Conductivity. 

  • Instruments for Quality control of Oil, Mud & Cement,  Water, Gas and Food Laboratories. 

  • Particle size Analyzers, Dry and wet Analysis 

  • Laboratory Gas Generator for Air, Hydrogen,  Nitrogen etc.

  • Photometer, Spectrophotometer, BOD, COD, Incubators,  Lab refrigerators. 

  • Safety Emergency Showers, Safety Cabinets, safety  equipments, Fume hoods, Air pollution extractors 

  • Laboratory safety spillage items 

  • Chromatography Products 

  • Laboratory information systems software (LIMS) 

  • General Laboratory Equipment & Materials.

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