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"Our Environmental solutions portfolio is designed to address the critical needs of sustainable management and conservation practices. We offer comprehensive services and products ranging from Water Treatment Plants, including DM, De Salination, Ultra, and Nano Filtration systems, to Sewage Treatment Plants and Sewerage Networks, ensuring clean water access and effective wastewater management.

To support environmental stewardship, we conduct Environmental Impact Assessments and develop Management Plans, helping organizations to minimize their ecological footprint. Our Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste Management Schemes are tailored to safely dispose of and recycle waste, mitigating environmental risks.

In the realm of environmental monitoring, we provide Sound & Vibration Monitoring systems, Portable & Process Flue Gas Analyzers, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring equipment, and Continuous Emission Monitoring systems to ensure compliance with environmental standards and promote air quality.

Additionally, our Oil Absorbent Booms and Mats are specifically designed for efficient oil spill cleanup, offering effective solutions for pollution control and environmental protection.

Each product and service in our Environmental line comes with sufficient accreditation, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and environmental safety, tailored to support industries in achieving their sustainability goals."

  • Water Treatment Plants – DM,  De Salination, Ultra and Nano Filtration 

  • Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewerage Network

  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans

  • Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste  Management Schemes 

  • Sound & Vibration Monitoring 

  • Portable & Process Flue Gas Analyzers 

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring 

  • Continuous Emission monitoring 

  • Oil Absorbent Booms 

  • Mats for oil spill clean up

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