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Our instrumentation solutions are crafted for unmatched accuracy and reliability in monitoring and control applications across various industries. We offer a wide range of products including Ultrasonic Flow Meters for both gas and liquid (Inline and Clamp-on, including Custody Transfer), Multiphase Flow Meters, Coriolis Flow Meters, and Vortex Flow Meters (Inline and Insertion Type). Our Metering Skids for gas and liquid, alongside Analyzer Systems for gases such as Flue Gas, O2, Sox, Nox, CO2, and CO, and Dew Point Analyzer Systems (Aluminum oxide, Laser(ppm and ppb)), ensure comprehensive process control and analysis. Additionally, our Flame Detectors (UV, IR, UVIR, Triple IR, and CCTV-Visual), Gas Detectors (Toxic & Flammable), Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors, Batch Controllers, Terminal Automation Systems, and Truck Loading equipment, as well as Pressure & Temperature Transmitters and Pressure Gauges, are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Each instrument comes with sufficient accreditation, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards for quality and operational safety."

  • Ultrasonic Flow meters (Gas and Liquid)–Inline and Clamp-on

  • Ultrasonic Flow meters- Custody Transfer 

  • Multiphase Flow meters  

  • Coriolis Flow meters  

  • Vortex Flow meters ( Inline and Insertion Type)  

  • Metering Skids- Gas & Liquid  

  • Analyzer Systems Gas (Flue Gas, O2, Sox, Nox,  CO2, CO, CEMS)  

  • Analyzer Systems- Dew point (Aluminum oxide,  Laser(ppm and ppb) 

  • Flame Detectors-UV, IR, UVIR ,Triple IR,  CCTV-Visual Flame Detectors  

  • Gas Detectors-Toxic & Flammable  

  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors  

  • Batch Controllers  

  • Terminal Automation Systems and Truck Loading  

  • Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Gauges

  • Fusible Plugs, Calibrators

  • Flow Computers

  • Odourization Systems

  • Calibration Equipment 

  • Instrument Test Benches

  • ESD Valves, Control Valves, Solenoid Valves, Pressure  Regulators, Electric Actuators

  • Instrument Bulk Industrials, Level Instrument,  CCTV System 

  • Smoke detectors 

  • Heat detectors 

  • High pressure instrumentation fittings

  • Instrumentation tubing

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